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National Standards illustrations

National Standards illustrations

The layout of an illustration (PDF 421KB)




After one year at school

The Way It Was
A Good Idea

The Great car clean-out

Mum's New Job

On the weekend
I wonder why we have night and day

The Three Little Pigs

My Chicken


After two years at school

The King's Birthday
Inside the Maize Maze

Dimitri's Lunch

The Tupperware Party
Stories along the River


Green and Red Yummy Jelly

How the Lungs Work

What are Pyramids for?

After three years at school

Night is a Blanket
Sun Bears are Special

The Impossible Bridge

Undersea Gardens

Wild Orphans

“A Quiet Evening”

Compost worms
Make a smoothie!

Cheeky Charlie

By the end of year 4

Camping down the Line
Basket Boats

“Nana and the Flower Arranger”

“Haere Mai!”


“Celebrating Matariki”

The Ram

‘Why Do Onions Make You Cry?’

It’s mexicano nachos!

Christopher Columbus!

By the end of year 5

Plight of the Sea Turtle
Plastic Fantastic?
World’s Water Running Out

“Finding China”



‘My Big Challenge’ and ‘Jellyfish’

Why and how tornados occur

Water Quality

I Am David – Epilogue

By the end of year 6

Plight of the Sea Turtle
The Vege Car

“A Flying Ostrich”

Bottle Submarine



‘A Conversation’

By the end of year 7

The Gestapo's Most Wanted
Estuary Health Check

"Deer, Oh Deer"

'Bottle Submarine' and 'The Grey Wolf!'

My Room Makeover

'Events of the Past’

By the end of year 8

The Gestapo's Most Wanted

"Deer, Oh Deer"

“Flight of the Albatross”

“One Small Step”

“Richard Henry: Protector of the Kākāpō”

"Pacific Paradise?”

'No Advertisements' and 'Selfish stupid smoke Selling'


Fair Trade Coffee


Extracts in the reading standards are from the Ready to Read and the School Journal series. Copyright for the texts, illustrations and photographs are as stated in the original publications. Examples of students’ writing have been reproduced by kind permission of the writers and are copyright © Crown.