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Night is a Blanket (Reading)

By Barbara Hill; illustrated by Clare Bowes. This text is levelled at Gold 1.

In this story within a story, a grandfather tells a bedtime story to his grandchildren to explain how the moon was formed. This text is one of a collection of linked stories and poems in a miscellany (also called Night is a Blanket). It gives students opportunities to compare ideas about night and the moon across a range of texts and text forms.

This poetic, descriptive text, with its evocative but nonspecific illustrations, requires students to keep track of and visualise a relatively complex series of events and settings.

The following example highlights the sorts of reading behaviours teachers could expect to observe in students who are meeting the standard. Sometimes these behaviours will be in response to teacher prompts and questions, and sometimes they will be spontaneous as the students notice and respond to the ideas in the text. These behaviours may be during the first or subsequent readings and discussion.

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