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News of July 2014

Latest news

National Newsletter: Secondary Literacy


Term three Secondary Literacy e-newsletter now availableNational e-newsletters for term three are now available to view and download. ... Read more »

Junior Journal 48 available in PDF


Schools are being sent Junior Journal 48 this week. Within this resource, there is a variety of material (stories, articles, and a poem) for students in year 3 (and proficient year 2 students) ... Read more »

Ready To Read Online Newsletter: July 2014

Kia ora koutou, kia orana, tālofa lava, mālō e lelei, ni hao, and greetings to the literacy community.

This is the third in a series of communications giving you the latest information about the Ready to Read series. Read on to find out about further updates, publication timelines, and professional development opportunities.

The December 2013 flyer ( Ready to Read turns 50 (PDF 3MB) ) and 24 February Education Gazette article referred to changes that are being made as a result of a series review.  Lift Education, the new Ready to Read supplier, has embarked on a substantial publishing programme for the Ministry of Education.  In 2014 Ready to Read is focused on producing new guided texts at the Red and Yellow levels plus four big books for shared reading. 

Ready to Read newsletter banner.

Ready to Read Timeline

JulyJunior Journal 48

In July, Junior Journal 48 will be sent to schools. Look on Literacy Online for information about the journal and to see the journal PDFs and accompanying teacher notes and audio.

September: Flyer with information about relevelled materials

In the December 2013 flyer, we told you about the relevelling of a small number of texts as a result of the initial stages of the review. The levelling review is now complete, and the full list of relevelled texts will be sent to schools by the end of September.

September: Curriculum Update 28

This update will describe the 16 new guided reading texts and four shared texts (due in schools early Term 4) and provide information about the revised levelling process. It will also emphasise key messages about the role of shared and guided reading as instructional settings.

SeptemberNZLA conference display and workshop

LIFT, on behalf of the MoE, will present a display stand at the New Zealand Literacy Association conference in Tauranga (28 September – 1 October). Lift will also present a workshop at the NZLA conference, focusing on the new materials that are being developed as a result of the review of Ready to Read.

OctoberWebinar for providers

In late October, a webinar for Literacy Professional Development Providers will be held to provide a forum for discussing the information in the September Curriculum Update. This discussion will help inform a November webinar for teachers (see below). The modules developed to support the webinar and the webinar recordings will be made available on Literacy Online for use in schools. Watch out for full details on the Literacy Online homepage under ‘News’. 

November: Webinar for teachers

In late November, a webinar for teachers will be held to provide a forum for discussing the information about the Ready to Read series in the September Curriculum Update. The modules developed to support both this webinar and the October webinar for providers will also be made available on Literacy Online for use in schools.  Watch out for full details on the Literacy Online homepage under ‘News’.

November: Ready to Go with Ready to Read!

You will receive sixteen new guided texts and four big books in your school accompanied by an information flyer.

Ongoing Review

Ongoing review of the Ready to Read series ensures that it continues to be effective as a core instructional series, establishing the foundations of literacy for students in their early years at school and enabling them to become competent, confident, and enthusiastic readers and learners.

As part of ongoing review, research into Ready to Read teacher support materials and trialling is planned. The research will:

  • look at the effectiveness of our existing teacher support materials and make recommendations on improving their future design and delivery;
  • look at how Ready to Read texts are trialled and make recommendations about the best ways of gathering feedback on text development.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear more of your thoughts, feedback, suggestions and ideas regarding Ready to Read and other parts of the instructional Series.  Lift Education will be collecting feedback for us, so contact them on feedback@lifteducation.com

If you’d like your school to participate in the research described above then please also e-mail this feedback address.