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Connected 2017 Level 2 - Taking Action

Connected 2017 Level 2 - Taking Action

Connected 2017 Level 2 - Taking Action

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: engage with science.

The articles in this issue are as follows: 

Space Food by Feana Tu'akoi

A group of students investigate how to stop food rotting on a journey to Mars. They share what they know about the different methods of food preservation to come up with a plan.

Gardening in the Living Room by Sophie Fern

Balaclava School has a new greenhouse called the Living Room. The students find out how the environment inside the Living Room helps plants grow during the cold Dunedin winters and investigate which vegetables grow best inside and outside its unique climate.

Down the Drain by Philipa Werry

Students at Wilford School in Petone were shocked to discover the amount of rubbish finding its way onto their local beach. Find out how they investigated the issue by using traps to collect the rubbish entering the stormwater system.

Bring back the Birdsong by Shanthie Walker

For years, introduced predators have been killing birds along the Kepler Track in Fiordland. Students in the Kids Restore the Kepler project are working with the Department of Conservation and the Fiordland Conservation Trust to reduce the number of predators living in the area. Their mission: to bring birdsong back to the Kepler.

Updated on: 26 Jan 2018


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