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Connected 2017 Level 3 - Mahi Tahi

Two scientists on ice

Connected 2017 Level 3 - Mahi Tahi

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: engage with science.

Articles in this issue are as follows: 

Testing the Waters by Bronwen Wall

How clean is the water in your river? Scientists are testing the health of the Maitai River. Find out what data they collect and what can be done to make our rivers cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Pet Power by Renata Hopkins

Humans and animals have a powerful bond. Some people think that this bond could have a positive effect on human health and behaviour. But what does the science say? Investigate the evidence for yourself.

Captured in Ice by Veronika Meduna

Nancy Bertler is a scientist who studies the ice. She’s been examining Antarctic ice cores to discover what Earth’s climate was like in the past – and how it might change in the future

Building for the Future by Adrienne Jansen

The Samoan village of Sa’anapu is under threat from tsunamis, cyclones, and rising sea levels. To protect their village, the Council of Matai are working with an architect and scientist from New Zealand. Together, they’re drawing on cultural, scientific, and technological knowledge to build a safer future for Sa’anapu.

Updated on: 26 Jan 2018


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