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NEW: Teachers talk about Shared Reading

Shared reading case studies

In these three case studies, teachers talk about how they use shared reading to build students’ understandings about language and texts and develop as confident, enthusiastic readers. Each case study focuses on a Ready to Read shared book and a particular aspect of shared reading:

·       Bubbles – helping new entrants get started with reading

·       Bread – supporting students in reading non-fiction

·       Haere Atu! – expanding children’s reading experiences and building a community of readers.

This resource includes transcripts of the audio and handouts of the slides for use by individual teachers or as part of school-based professional development. You can find this resource here:  http://literacyonline.tki.org.nz/Literacy-Online/Planning-for-my-students-needs/Instructional-Series/Ready-to-Read/Shared-reading

Updated on: 23 Mar 2018


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