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NEW titles Ready to Read

Hannah's game cover.

We have 5 new titles in the Ready to Read series:

Hannah's Game

When Hannah shows Sam how to play her new card game, she discovers at the end of the game that one card is missing! Students will enjoy working out where the missing card might be. (Students will have met Hannah and her little brother, Sam, before in Hannah’s Bike, Red 3).

Helping at the Marae

When Nikau and his whānau help out at the marae, Nikau discovers that his little brother, Tama, has his own ideas about how he can help. Helping at the Marae has particular relevance to Māori students, but many students will identify with the context of helping grandparents and working alongside other family members.

Matariki Breakfast

Matariki Breakfast describes Kara’s experience of celebrating Matariki (Māori New Year) with her whānau. It includes a retelling of a Tainui story about how the Matariki stars brought back Tama-nui-te-rā (the sun) after Māui and his brothers had caught him.

Sports Day for Monster

Monster and his friend Jack are excited about all the events they can try at the school sports day. Monster tries several events, but things don’t go well until at last he nds a sports day activity that is just right for him

The Three Princesses

The Three Princesses is a humorous story based on traditional fairy tale ideas, but with a humorous twist, similar to stories like The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch or Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole.

Updated on: 27 Apr 2017


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