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New Ready to Read - How Kiwi Saved the Forest

How Kiwi Saved the Forest front cover

A new title from the Ready to Read series is now in schools with supporting audio and Teacher Support Materials available on the Instructional Series site:

How Kiwi Saved the Forest - Shared Book 

retold by André Ngāpō, illustrated by Isobel Joy Te Aho-White

This shared book depicts a time when Kiwi could fly, and describes the sacrifice Kiwi made to save the trees of the forest. When Tāne-hokahoka (guardian of the birds) and Tāne-mahuta (guardian of the trees) discover that insects are destroying the trees, they ask each bird to come and live on the forest floor and eat the insects, but only Kiwi is prepared to give up his life in the sky. This tale is underpinned by the Māori cultural concept of kaitiaki (guardianship) and the importance of caring for the natural world. It provides opportunities for students to enjoy and explore the language of storytelling and to think critically about the actions of the characters. 

Published on: 14 Nov 2018


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