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Ready to Read Books Term 2 2015

Book cover.

Schools will soon receive five new Ready to Read books to support students’ literacy learning in their first year at school.

At Red 1, there are three titles; Monster’s Vest (which is a prequel to the recent shared book Monster’s Lunch), My Book and A Starfish For Oscar.  At Red 2 there is one book, The Lost Hat, and at Yellow 1 there is also one book, Painting the Fence

The 2013/14 review of the Ready to Read series recommended that books at the lower levels of the colour wheel needed a greater variety of sentence structures and more text per page. These new books address this need and at the same time strengthen the number of books at the Red and Yellow levels. 

As with all Ready to Read texts, the latest books are written and illustrated by talented New Zealanders. Teachers and students alike will enjoy the characters and the storylines of these new titles.

Teacher support material and audio are available online.

Published on: 05 May 2015