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Ready to Read – what’s new?

Book cover.

We are excited to introduce the latest set of Ready to Read books – four books for guided reading (at Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Blue 1, and Blue 3) and one non-fiction book for shared reading.

Two of the books feature familiar characters and one is based on the true story of a dramatic situation in a flooded school. The next set (in schools in September 2016) will include three books for guided reading at Red and Yellow, and two non-fiction books for shared reading. 

Teacher support materials (TSM) and audio files are available online

Monster in the Pool (Yellow 1)
Jack invites Monster to his house after school for a swim in the paddling pool. Monster becomes very, very wet but his way of getting dry has hilarious results. Students will have met Monster before in the shared book Monster’s Lunch and in Monster’s Vest (Red 1).This story builds on the familiar context of water play already established in such Ready to Read stories as Bubbles (shared), The Water Slide (Magenta), and At the Pool (Red 2).

Feeding the Birds (Yellow 2)
Ella notices hungry birds on the windowsill and Mum suggests they make a bird feeder for them. They use a plan in Mum’s magazine, visiting a hardware shop to buy their materials and then working in the shed to complete the project. This story has links to themes of problem solving, technology, and working together.

Nibbles (Blue 1)
Nibbles is based on a true story about a pet guinea pig trapped overnight in a flooded classroom. By the time the teacher gets to Nibbles, the cage is floating and Nibbles is swimming frantically. This book introduces a context that may be beyond the experiences of some students, building their awareness of the experiences of others. It has connections to other Ready to Read stories that involve coping with challenging circumstances, such as, Is That an an Earthquake? (shared), Stay Where You Are (Blue 2), and The Night the House Shook (Blue 3).

Waiting for Rēwana Bread (Blue 3)
Many of you have told us how much you and your students have enjoyed the Red 3 text Getting Ready for the Visitors. In this new story, Aunty shows Mahi how to make rēwana bread in the traditional way using fermented potato. Mahi discovers it’s a long process, with lots of waiting – but a delicious outcome. One of the new shared books due out later in 2016 is also about bread making.

Will They Float?
The shared book Will They Float? explores the concepts of floating and sinking and of “thinking like a scientist”. It supports the recommendation from the 2013-14 review of the series to increase the access to non-fiction texts by year 1 and 2 students through shared reading. As well as reading this book for interest or to support specific curriculum topics, you can use it to build students’ awareness of the features of non-fiction. A feature of this book that may be new to students is the use of tables to record information.

Your feedback
We’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. Your feedback helps shape the series. Send your comments and questions to our publishing provider at readytoread@lifteducation.com

Published on: 02 May 2016