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Ministry of Education.


Instructional Series

The English-medium literacy instructional series support teaching and learning through years 1–8. They include:

  • reading materials designed to support learning across the curriculum and students’ development of more complex literacy skills
  • targeted materials for students who are not yet meeting literacy expectations.

Each series is designed for a specific stage in students’ learning, providing supports and challenges to scaffold their growing understandings, and to prepare them for the next stage in their learning.

All series include student and teacher support materials, and many are accompanied by audio versions.

On this site

This site gives information on the individual series, provides links to the teacher support materials, and includes news of upcoming publications.

Ready to Read

Ready to Read is the core instructional reading series designed to establish the foundations of literacy for students in years 1–3.

Junior Journal

An instructional reading series primarily for year 3 students, the Junior Journal acts as a bridge to the School Journal by providing texts at the top end of the Ready to Read colour wheel while introducing students to the miscellany format of the School Journal. Each issue is aligned to level 2 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

School Journal

An instructional series published in three levels, the School Journal supports literacy learning across the curriculum for students in years 4–8. Each issue of the School Journal is aligned to level 2, 3, or 4 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

School Journal Story Library

This is a targeted series for students in years 5–6 and 7–8 who are reading 1–2 years below their expected level of achievement.


The Connected series provides in-depth content in science, technology, and mathematics for students in years 4–8 and supports literacy learning in these areas. Three issues are provided each year, aligning to the curriculum at level 2, 3, and 4.

All  Connected 2013 articles are available on Google Drive as Google Slides. Most of the text, images and videos are also available in Google Drive for teachers and students to download, copy and reuse for educational purposes. Some images are provided under a Creative Commons attribution-only licence. This material can be used by anyone for any purpose, as long as the creators are attributed. Find out more about  Creative Commons licences.

One article in each issue has additional digital content that extends the range of visual and multimedia support for students.  Learn more.

Electronic Storybook

Electronic Storybook

The Electronic Storybook is a targeted instructional series designed for teachers to accelerate the literacy achievement of students in years 5–8 who are 2–3 years below expectations and requiring language and literacy support. The series provides high-interest, age-appropriate texts that take into account students’ prior knowledge. The CD-ROM format promotes “amplified” instruction by including challenges along with a high level of support.

Each electronic storybook in the series contains ten texts (reused from other resources within the instructional series). These texts are extended with audio, glossary content, activities, and tools. Teacher support materials are also included. These materials outline several teaching approaches for five of the electronic storybook’s ten texts, which can also be adapted to other texts in the series. 

The electronic storybooks contain audio (choice of two voices) and tools (glossary, highlighter, and note tool). The tools promote teacher mediation and allow students to work independently with a high level of scaffolding. Each storybook provides “low-profile interactivity”, where students use features as they need to.

Ordering resources

These resources are provided to all primary schools. Replacement copies can be obtained from:  Down the Back of the Chair.

Please note: Some of the earlier titles in the series may not play on your computer if you are running a more recent operating system.

As of January 2014, the Ministry has a digital research project in progress. This is looking at the future direction of digital teaching and learning within the Ministry’s instructional series. The results from the research will inform a pilot online digital resource for 2015.

Related content

More information about the literacy instructional series is available in  Issue 3 of The New Zealand Curriculum Update.

More information about reading year levels and the process of levelling texts for the instructional series is available in  Issue 13 of the New Zealand Curriculum Update.

Ordering resources

These resources are provided to all primary schools. Additional or replacement copies can be obtained from  Down the Back of the Chair.

Published on: 01 Jul 2016

Information for educational illustrators, photographers and writers

LIFT Education produce the Instructional Series on behalf of the Ministry of Education. If you would like to find out more about contributing to the Instructional Series, further information is available on the Lift Education site.