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Looking for our latest resources?

These are now in an online catalogue, that has been created just for Instructional Series. In there, you'll find Teacher support materials (TSM), digital copies of each article, and other resources.

Connected promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy so that students can engage in a critical and informed manner with real-life science- and technology- related issues and authentic, context-based mathematical explorations.

Connected is published in three issues each year, aligned to curriculum levels 2, 3, and 4 for students in years 4–8, and supports literacy learning in these areas. 

Connected is provided to all primary schools. Replacement copies can be obtained from Down the Back of the Chair

Since 2013, the Connected articles, text, images, and media are freely available to teachers and students on Google Drive.

What is available online?

Connected+ articles are available on Google Slides

Digital versions of each article are available on Google Drive using Google Slides. Google Slides is a free online presentation application that can be used on a range of devices, desktops, laptops, and digital whiteboards. 

Teacher Support Material (TSM) is available in MS Word and PDF

The TSMs for Connected+ are available digitally as downloadable PDFs and as MS Word documents for download and editing. Using the editable MS Word file, teachers can adapt the learning activities to meet the needs of their students and the context for learning.

Content available for re-use

Most of the images, text, videos, audio, and graphic elements for Connected+ are available for teachers and students to download and reuse for educational purposes. You must attribute the writers, illustrators, and photographers of any material you reuse. Acknowledgements are found at the end of each Google Slides article, and on the inside back cover of each printed issue. Some images are provided under a Creative Commons attribution-only licence. This material can be used by anyone for any purpose, as long as the creators are attributed. Find out more about the  Creative Commons licences.

Individual files are accessible on Google Drive, and you can find these from a link on the first page of the digital version of each article.

Additional multimedia content for Connected+ articles

The digital version of the first article in each issue of Connected+ has additional digital content, such as video, additional images, website links, animation, and audio.

Connected 2016

These are available in our online catalogue:

Connected 2015

The focus of the Connected 2015 series is on the Nature of Science strand and the science capability: Critique evidence.
Find out more about the science capabilities 

Connected 2015 Level 2 – Have you checked?
Have you checked.

Why Do Our Muscles Get Tired?

Operation Duck Pond

Learning from the Tangata Whenua

Heat It Up

Connected 2015 Level 3 – Fact or Fiction?
Fact or fiction.


Sleep Sleuths

Catching a Space Duck

The Science of Rongoā 

Connected 2015 Level 4 – Is That So?
Is that so.

Reconnecting the Brain

Lighting the Way with Solar Energy

A Sinking Feeling

Don’t Sit If You Want to Keep Fit

Connected 2014

The focus of the Connected 2014 series is on the Nature of Science strand and the science capability: Use evidence to support ideas.
Find out more about the science capabilities

Connected 2014 Level 2 – How Do You Know?
Connected 2014 L2 cover.

Garden with Science

Super Senses

Winning the Bledisloe Cup

Pop! Froth! Fizz!

Making Amazing Places

The Cardboard Cathedral

Connected 2014 Level 3 – Why Is That?
Connected 2014 L3 cover

Rising Seas 

Counting Kākahi 

Rebuilding Christchurch with Amazing Ideas 

Elephant Toothpaste 

The Tsunami That Washed Time Away

Connected 2014 Level 4 – What's the Evidence?
Connected 2014 L4 cover.

Beating the Wind

The Great Marble Challenge

Training for Success

Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

Black is Back

Connected 2013

The focus of the Connected 2013 series is on the Nature of Science strand and the science capability: Gather and interpret data. 
Find out more about the science capabilities.

Connected 2013 Level 2 – I Spy... 
I Spy cover.

Take a Closer Look

What Alice Saw

Giving the Ocean a Voice

The Takeaway Table

Look out for Monarchs

Connected 2013 Level 3 – Food for Thought
Food for thought cover.

Why Is the Moon Upside Down

A New Zealand Crocodile?

Fast Rust

You Can Count on It

The Fish Highway

Connected 2013 Level 4 – Are You Sure? 
Are you sure cover.

After the Spill

An Ecologist on Ice

Gather Your Data

Accidental Plastics

Keep Your Cat Inside

Access the 2010–2012 TSM 

Access the 2004–2009 TSM 

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Updated on: 10 Feb 2016

Educational Publishing Award Winners

We are delighted to share the news that the Connected Series Connected 2013 - Level 2 I Spy, Level 3 Food For Thought, and Level 4 Are You Sure? have won the best resource in primary publishing in the CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards.

Congratulations to the Ministry of Education, Lift Education and Chrometoaster for their work in producing this series.In awarding the prize to Connected, judges talked about how the resource prompted student inquiry and provided students with strong NZ content as well as opening a window to the wider world.The full list of prize winners is available online. We would love to hear how you and your students are using these fabulous resources in your reading programmes. Continue the discussion online.

Your feedback is important

Research is being carried out for the MoE on the implications of the print + digital model for resources such as Connected, Ready to Read and the School Journal. If you are working with students at curriculum levels 2–4, and using the latest issues of Connected with your students, we’d appreciate hearing your responses:

  • What does the print + digital model let you and your students do that you couldn’t do before?
  • How are your students using the additional digital content?
  • What additional digital assets would you like?

Feedback sent to Alex Collins will be used by the research team. It will also inform development of the next issues of Connected, activities in the TSMs and the range of additional digital content.