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Connected 2013 level 4 - Are You Sure?

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: Gather and interpret data.

At times, Connected themes require the introduction of concepts that students at this curriculum level may not be able to fully understand. What matters at this stage is that students begin to develop understandings that grow over time. 

After the Spill (with additional digital content available for students)

If an oil spill occurred on your local beach, how would it affect you now and in the future?

An Ecologist on Ice 

Matt Vance interviews ecologist Phil Lyver about Adelie penguin population dynamics and the marine ecosystem in the Ross Sea.

Gather Your Data

In the past, ecologists wished there was an easy way to record data in difficult alpine environments. Now ecologists use data loggers.

Accidental Plastics

From your toothbrush to your television, plastic products are absolutely everywhere. It’s difficult to imagine life without these synthetic compounds.

Keep Your Cat Inside

We had a cat once that killed rats, mice, a stoat, skinks, wētā, and some birds. I know, because I saw them dying, and I saw them dead. Perhaps pet cats should be kept inside.

Published on: 07 Jan 2014

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Educational Publishing Award Winners

We are delighted to share the news that the Connected Series Connected 2013 - Level 2 I Spy, Level 3 Food For Thought, and Level 4 Are You Sure? have won the best resource in primary publishing in the CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards.

Congratulations to the Ministry of Education, Lift Education and Chrometoaster for their work in producing this series.In awarding the prize to Connected, judges talked about how the resource prompted student inquiry and provided students with strong NZ content as well as opening a window to the wider world.The full list of prize winners is available online. We would love to hear how you and your students are using these fabulous resources in your reading programmes. Continue the discussion online.

Your feedback is important

Research is being carried out for the MoE on the implications of the print + digital model for resources such as Connected, Ready to Read and the School Journal. If you are working with students at curriculum levels 2–4, and using the latest issues of Connected with your students, we’d appreciate hearing your responses:

  • What does the print + digital model let you and your students do that you couldn’t do before?
  • How are your students using the additional digital content?
  • What additional digital assets would you like?

Feedback sent to Alex Collins will be used by the research team. It will also inform development of the next issues of Connected, activities in the TSMs and the range of additional digital content.