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Ready to Read

A complete list of current Ready to Read titles is available online at  http://instructionalseries.tki.org.nz/Instructional-Series/Ready-to-Read.

Ready to Read is the core instructional reading series for students in years 1–3 working at curriculum levels 1 and 2. The high-quality texts offer multiple opportunities for learning, supporting students to become efficient readers. In particular, the series supports students to read, respond, and  think critically. The series reflects a wide range of cultures. Some books also affirm the experiences of students with special education needs.

At year 3, the series is complemented by the  Junior JournalThe Junior Journal series bridges the gap between the individual Ready to Read texts and the miscellany format of the School Journal.

Colour wheel.

colour wheel is located on the back of each guided reading book, providing information about the suggested reading level.

The Ready to Read series has four components. The student texts for guided and shared reading are distributed free to all New Zealand schools with junior classes. The audio and the teacher support materials are available to download.

Looking for our latest resources?

An online catalogue has been created for Instructional Series.

You'll find Teacher support materials (TSM), audio files and digital copies of the text where available.

Better understanding of Ready to Read

This article from LIFT Education outlines the changes to Ready to Read levelling that were introduced in 2014, and explains the five key principles of the Ready to Read series.