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Literacy/English Curriculum Level 4

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R=Reading, W=Writing, L=Listening, S=Speaking, V=Viewing, P=Presenting

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Teacher resource Chronicles of Narnia (ZIP)

Various resources to support a film study

74.46 kB

Vicky Nixon


Teacher resource Logging up reading mileage! (ZIP)

A flexible 'pick and mix' unit designed to encourage students' personal reading. It includes a range of assessable activities which allow teachers to develop personal reading programmes to suit individual students' abilities and needs.

285.37 kB

Stewart Tagg


Teacher resource Kura Toa (Word)

Resources to support text study

962.50 kB

Steve Williamson


Teacher resource Mihipeka - the early years (ZIP)

Mihipeka is a engaging, non-fiction text which presents a challenging view of life through the eyes of a young, rural Maori woman in the early twentieth century. As a culmination of the unit, students present a static image which communicates key ideas from the text.

33.90 kB

Steve Webb


Teacher resource Trash - pre-reading activity (ZIP)

Resources to support pre-reading.

1.23 MB

Sarah Donnelly


Teacher resource Celebrate good times, come on! (ZIP)

This unit provides a structured approach to developing students' creative writing skills. Students will use a series of pre-writing activities to complete a piece of creative writing based on a celebration they have experienced.

70.25 kB

Rochelle Duke


Teacher resource You're the Expert (ZIP)

A speaking unit in which students use their own research as the basis of a seminar to be delivered to their classmates.

26.84 kB

Phil Coogan


Teacher resource Read away (ZIP)

A unit in which students choose either a fiction or non fiction book to read and use it to complete pre, during and after reading responses. Assessment focuses on the close reading of a selected passage with a model provided.

44.42 kB

Phil Coogan


Teacher resource Writing for publication (ZIP)

A unit in which students are encouraged to explore their language options in the process of crafting a piece of poetic writing to publication standard. This version of the unit is assessed against curriculum levels 4-6 but could be adapted for use at other leve

76.94 kB

Phil Coogan


Teacher resource Spoken Word Poetry - Junior (Word 2007)

16.75 kB

Nicola Jacobsen

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