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Literacy/English Curriculum Level 4

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R=Reading, W=Writing, L=Listening, S=Speaking, V=Viewing, P=Presenting

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Teacher resource The Power of the Real World (ZIP)

The unit is a thematic study focusing on non-fiction genres - autobiography, biography and diary. It is differentiated to suit a range of ability groups and includes group work and practice in higher order questioning. Assessment is based on speaking and presenting as demonstrated in class seminars.

93.45 kB

Glenda Pearce


Teacher resource Trash (ZIP)

Resources to support text study.

121.41 kB

Kim Cohen


Teacher resource Trash - pre-reading activity (ZIP)

Resources to support pre-reading.

1.23 MB

Sarah Donnelly


Teacher resource What's the problem? (ZIP)

Using a range of information and communication technologies, students carry out an investigation into teenage problems to provide material for a piece of writing for publication.

52.15 kB

Jocelyn Holden

L, S

Teacher resource Writers @ work (Word)

This unit is designed to help students find out more about the life and the writing style of an author of their own choice. Students research their writer and use multimedia to present their information. (Reports)

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)
Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

41.00 kB

Anne Girven


Teacher resource Writing for publication (ZIP)

A unit in which students are encouraged to explore their language options in the process of crafting a piece of poetic writing to publication standard. This version of the unit is assessed against curriculum levels 4-6 but could be adapted for use at other leve

76.94 kB

Phil Coogan


Teacher resource Year 9 exams (ZIP)

Schedule, paper and answer booklet

36.61 kB

Keir Whipp


Teacher resource Year 9 exams [2] (ZIP)

Three close reading passages and questions

43.17 kB

Helen Low


Teacher resource You're the Expert (ZIP)

A speaking unit in which students use their own research as the basis of a seminar to be delivered to their classmates.

26.84 kB

Phil Coogan

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