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Ministry of Education.

School snapshots.

Snapshots for teaching and learning in secondary literacy

These stories provide examples of ideas and approaches some secondary schools are using in their literacy programmes.

Secondary Literacy Project
The aim of the Secondary Literacy Project (2009-2011) was to raise the achievement of year 9 and 10 students in reading and writing, specifically targeting underachieving Maori and Pasifika students.

Introducing literacy standards
Pam Drake discusses the literacy unit standards trial at Mount Albert Grammar. She explains the benefits of using real life learning contexts, and outlines how the school has tracked learning across the curriculum areas and in community settings.

Literacy standards and PE
Sandy Harris and Nikki Johnson from Mangere College, describe a cross curricular approach to introducing literacy unit standards and gathering evidence.

Lifting literacy learning in secondary school classrooms
This Education Gazette article describes how teachers at Kamo High School ensure their students develop the literacy expertise that will enable them to engage with the curriculum at increasing levels of complexity and with increasing independence.

Published on: 28 Jul 2014