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School Journal

The School Journal supports students in years 4−8 to develop the knowledge and skills required to meet the reading demands of all the curriculum areas.

Teacher Support Materials

Teacher support materials are available for three items from each School Journal. Teachers can use these materials as a basis when planning how to work with similar texts that may not have specific TSMs.

TSM help teachers to use the selected School Journal item for a variety of instructional purposes, supporting differentiated literacy teaching across the curriculum. The new features of each TSM include:

  • an annotated extract from the text, identifying the characteristics that relate to the relevant reading standard
  • at least two suggested curriculum contexts
  • suggested purposes when using the text for reading or writing
  • examples of expected student reading behaviours
  • examples showing how the text supports the teaching of writing
  • suggested deliberate acts of teaching for supporting reading and writing.

Example and sample lesson plan

The example below (“The Bittern”, School Journal 3.1.09) illustrates how the support materials can be used.


Two items from each Level 2 School Journal are produced as audio versions.

The table on the back cover of each Level 2 School Journal shows the items from the Journal that are recorded as well as which items have TSMs.

Click here to access the School Journal audio MP3 files

Audio versions of School Journal items are designed to:

  • help to build students’ confidence and fluency (repeated reading and listening to texts is a powerful way of improving students’ fluency and comprehension)
  • provide scaffolding and support for students who are reading below their expected levels
  • provide material that teachers can use to help students meet achievement objectives within the Listening, Reading, and Viewing strand of English in The New Zealand Curriculum
  • provide excellent reading models, using authentic New Zealand voices from a range of cultural backgrounds.

What's New

Level 2 May 2012

Level 3 June 2012

Level 2 August 2012

Latest School Journal TSM

Latest School Journal Audio MP3 files

Embedded Support for Audio

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School Journal realignment

From August 2011, each issue of the School Journal will be aligned to either level 2, 3, or 4 of The New Zealand Curriculum. Each issue will be identified by the month and year of publication. The School Journal will no longer be issued in ‘Parts’ and ‘Numbers’.

Read more about the changes here.

SJ_Flyer_Aug WEB (PDF 2MB)

The School Journal is provided to all primary schools. Replacement copies can be obtained from: Down the Back of the Chair.