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Ministry of Education.

Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9–13 – A Guide for Teachers

Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9 to 13 is a professional learning programme that includes a guide for the programme facilitator, a guide for the literacy team within a school, and a guide for teachers. This book, Effective Literacy Strategies in Years 9 to 13: A Guide for Teachers, is intended to be used by teachers taking part in the programme.

The focus of the programme is on effective literacy strategies – what secondary school teachers and students can do when engaging with texts in order to understand and create meaning in any subject area. Although texts can be used and created in written, visual, and oral language, this book and the professional learning programme that it is part of are concerned primarily with literacy in written English, that is, in reading and writing. 

Literacy is the ability to understand, respond to, and use those forms of written language that are required by society and valued by individuals and communities.

Ministry of Education, 2003a, page 19

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Published on: 04 Nov 2019