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Junior Journal

An instructional reading series primarily for year 3 students, the Junior Journal acts as a bridge to the School Journal by providing texts at the top end of the Ready to Read colour wheel while introducing students to the miscellany format of the School Journal. Each issue is aligned to level 2 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

The Junior Journal is an instructional reading series for students who are working at early level 2 in the New Zealand Curriculum and reading Ready to Read texts at Purple and Gold.

Junior Journal covers.

The Junior Journal supports students to make the transition from individual Ready to Read texts to reading the Curriculum level 2 School Journal. Texts in the Junior Journal have fewer illustrations and denser text layouts to prepare students for reading longer texts. Junior Journal builds on students’ previous learning, encouraging fluent and independent reading behaviours on longer and more complex texts and providing opportunities to learn across the curriculum.

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Updated on: 04 Oct 2017