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Ready to Read Phonics Plus

Instructional reading – RTR Phonics Plus tree

Ready to Read Phonics Plus are new books that enhance the existing Ready to Read Colour Wheel series.

In order to become effective readers, students need to be able to:

  • “crack the written code” in texts
  • make meaning from texts
  • think critically about texts.

The Ready to Read Phonics Plus books focus on word recognition knowledge and skills that explicitly support children to crack the code. These books focus on decoding and sight recognition of familiar words alongside building language comprehension knowledge and skills.

The existing Ready to Read Colour Wheel books focus more on helping children to make meaning and think critically.

It's important to have both the Phonics Plus and the Colour Wheel books so that all children have access to approaches that help them to be successful readers.

Schools with children in years 1–3 will receive copies of Ready to Read Phonics Plus and Ready to Read Colour Wheel books. Other schools can order copies of the books and teacher support materials through Down the Back of the Chair.

Please note: Over the coming months we are making changes to guidance and resources on Literacy Online to ensure that the additional focus on decoding is reflected in our advice.

Scope and sequence framework

The Ready to Read Phonics Plus books are underpinned by a scope and sequence framework. "Scope" is the breadth and depth of content and skills to be taught; and "sequence" provides the order in which it is taught.

Scope and Sequence for Ready to Read Phonics Plus.


Introducing Ready to Read Phonics Plus

These animations walk you through two Ready to Read Phonics Plus Kākano | Seed phase books – Get to the Vet and Nan in a Net – introducing the books and describing how you would use them with children.

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An online catalogue has been created for Instructional Series.You'll find Teacher support materials (TSM), audio files and digital copies of the text where available.

Better understanding of Ready to Read Phonics Plus