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Ministry of Education.

Sign language e-books

The Ministry of Education collaborated with Deaf Aotearoa to develop selected Ready to Read titles as e-books. These apps are targeted resources intended to support effective guided and shared reading instruction for NZSL users. They are available through  iTunes or  GooglePlay and are free to download.

If you wish to use these e-books with other students, please note that Ready to Read books for guided reading are designed to be used initially as unseen texts with careful teacher monitoring and support. Independent use of the apps by students is likely to be most effective after a guided reading lesson.

All e-books can be followed or read in English (text), audio and NZSL. In the series:

Children with bikes.


Child talking to grandparent on the computer.


Bunny with wings.


Child drawing plans.


Child hugging their grandparent.


King with balloons.


Dragon breathing fire.

Shared reading texts

Updated on: 03 Nov 2020