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Making meaning

In years 1–3, students need to develop a self-extending reading processing system. This involves using multiple sources of information to comprehend a text at sentence, paragraph, and whole-text level.

Integrating the sources of information in reading and writing

Students self-monitor their reading. They search for and combine information of different kinds and use it to correct their errors. As part of their processing system, they develop ways to solve unfamiliar words.

They respond to texts by making meaning from them, for example, when they:

  • follow the plot of a story
  • use the illustrations to help them build meaning
  • identify the facts in a non-fiction text
  • make connections to their prior knowledge or experience
  • form hypotheses about what might happen next in a story
  • make simple inferences, for example, based on the illustrations
  • notice that something isn’t clear and ask questions about it
  • visualise something described in the text
  • express an opinion about a story.

The Ready to Read texts are carefully planned to support students in making meaning as they develop their reading expertise.

Published on: 15 Sep 2017