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Ministry of Education.

Motivation and engagement

Students learn best when they are motivated and engaged in their learning. Effective literacy teachers create the conditions for motivation and active engagement. They:

  • select texts that match their students’ interests and experiences, as well as their needs
  • share their own passion for reading and writing
  • encourage students to explore and enjoy texts and language
  • value the diverse knowledge and experiences of their students
  • provide purposeful, scaffolded learning opportunities
  • support their students to become self-regulated learners.

Providing appropriate learning tasks is one aspect of motivation and engagement. Share the purpose and the learning goals for the task with the students. Include an element of “stretch” or challenge.

Give students explicit feedback on their performance. This affirms their efforts and builds their awareness about how they can move their own learning on. Encourage students to set and review their own learning goals. This helps them to develop independence and metacognition.

Select texts that will engage the students. Ready to Read texts are often humorous and have topics and themes that reflect students’ interests, experiences, and cultures.

Initiate and foster conversations about texts and about literacy learning. Students find it motivating to interact with their peers and share their knowledge and their thoughts.

Updated on: 20 Nov 2014