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Literacy/English Curriculum Level 5

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R=Reading, W=Writing, L=Listening, S=Speaking, V=Viewing, P=Presenting

Focus strands File type Resource Teaching as inquiry File size Contributor


Teacher resource The Whale Rider (ZIP)

Resources to support text study.

507.99 kB

Dinah OMeara


Teacher resource Tomorrow, when the war began (Word)

Resources to support novel study.

600.00 kB

Desiree Truter

R, W, P

Teacher resource Trash - Andy Mulligan. Unit. (ZIP)

My unit for this book for an able Year 9 or mainstream Y10 class.

Keywords: Identity, Poverty, Wealth

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)
Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

373.47 kB

Erica Newlands


Teacher resource Web Ad-Diction (ZIP)

A unit with a viewing focus, where year 10 students explore several types of advertisements found on the Internet. The aim of the unit is to enable students to critically analyse the advertising material they are exposed to on the Internet - and elsewhere.

61.19 kB

Amber Lloyd

R, W, S

Teacher resource Y10 reading challenge (Word)

A differentiated resource to support personal reading in Year 10. Provides a variety of student-selected tasks graded according to thinking level. Students set own goals for reading and responding.

Keywords: evaluating, literacy, presenting, reading, writing

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

462.00 kB

marg macpherson

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