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Secondary Literacy Teacher Resource Exchange

The Teacher Resource Exchange is a facility for teachers to contribute classroom resources, teaching notes, worksheets and assessments. In contributing a resource it will help your colleagues if you fill in all the information fields.

These materials are offered in a spirit of generosity by the contributors. They have not been through the normal English/Literacy/ESOL Online quality assurance process and we advise professional discretion in their use. In particular, please note that any NCEA resources have not necessarily been officially moderated.

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Cross curricular

Teacher resource Strategies and Activities Index (Word)

A handy chart mapping the Guidelines for Effective Adolescent Literacy Instruction with teaching and learning activities.

Keywords: GEALIs strategies activities

110.50 kB

Anita Titter


Teacher resource The Washing Line Strategy (PowerPoint 2007)

An effective pedagogy when introducing subject specific vocabulary. The washing line strategy is ideal for challenging, engaging and thinking for the whole class to test prior learning.

Keywords: brief development

1.95 MB

Lesley Pearce


Teacher resource Top Ten Literacy Ideas For Science (Word 2007)

I've put together 5 strategies to promote reading and 5 to promote writing in Science lessons. You will recognise some but hopefully there will be something you can use tomorrow in your lesson.

Keywords: Literacy Strategies Science

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

903.64 kB

Ian McHale

Computing, Dance, Economics, ESOL, Geography, Graphics, Health, History, Home Economics, Information Management, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Science, Social Studies, Sociology, Technology, Visual Arts

Teacher resource Treasure Hunt and 3 level reading guide for Literacy Learning Progressions (Word)

These are two activities which can be used in professional development with secondary school staff to introduce them to the Literacy Learning Progressions document. It deals only with the reading progressions at Level 10 and is a starting point for discussion.

Keywords: literacy Learning progressions professional development

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

27.50 kB

Susan Lawrence

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