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Ministry of Education.

Literacy planner

This interactive tool has been designed to support the planning for teaching writing in all curriculum contexts, and is adapted from the Social Inquiry Planner.

Link to the Interactive Planner Tool

The interactive planner tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the TSM: Supporting writing that meets curriculum demands levels 2-4 and has been adapted to provide guidance for the specific planning of learning and writing tasks required by a particular topic or inquiry for different groups of students.

The planning and teaching suggestions described in these materials support teachers to:

  • identify the curriculum objectives, contexts and big ideas underpinning the learning for the topics or inquiries they are planning
  • describe their students’ strengths and needs that they bring to the learning
  • describe the key learning tasks that support the proposed areas of learning
  • identify the writing demands of the learning tasks for their students
  • differentiate the support needed for their students
  • identify specific teaching strategies and resources.

You can use the writing planner to:

  • identify the writing demands of key learning tasks you are designing in relation to the big ideas of your topic or inquiry
  • plan the teaching for specific writing needs
  • store and edit completed plans
  • share plans with colleagues.

When you first go to the Writing planner - you will be prompted to create an account so you can create, share, print, and download planners. Creating an account is free. Learn more.

When you start a new planner, you will initially be prompted to provide a name for your planner. We suggest you name the new planner after the inquiry you are creating. For example the area you are focusing on – for example, Writing in Science or English. When you click 'Save' a new planner will be created for you. Every new planner is 'blank' though there are prompts to help you enter appropriate content.

Editing a planner is easy. Simply enter text into each box (or circle) of the planner by clicking on it. Each box has guiding questions to think about, and by completing more and more of the boxes, you will create a more comprehensive plan. You can track which boxes you have filled in by referring to the 'Progress' box at the top of the right hand column of the planner page. You can also enter notes about the intentions for your planner in this column too. These notes will also be visible on your 'My Planners' page to help you identify the planner. If you are using the planner in modern web browser you will enter text into the tool via a large pop-up window. These pop-up windows are designed to make the process of creating the planner as easy as possible, and additionally are designed to be easily used on a data show or projector. This is handy if you are developing the planner in a collaborative situation.

Published on: 21 Mar 2016