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Compost worms (Writing)

The task exemplifies the writing demands of the English curriculum working towards level 2.

The context for this piece of writing is a cross-curricular study of recycling. The class has been given a worm farm during a visit from their local council recycling manager, has read “Worm Wise” (School Journal, Part 1 Number 2, 2002) as a shared reading text, and has made their own worm farms.

The task is to develop instructions for making a worm farm. The teacher has supported the students before the writing by revising the purpose and structure of procedural writing and has reminded the students about making the written instructions clear and precise for the reader. The students are now writing independently.

This is the student’s first draft. Features of the writing that demonstrate the standard are described below.

The following example illustrates the sort of writing that teachers can expect from students who are meeting the standard. To meet the standard, students draw on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for writing described in the Literacy Learning Progressions for students at this level.

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