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Ministry of Education.

Student support

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The aim of supplementary supports for learners is to accelerate progress so that learners can successfully engage with the classroom curriculum and progress with their peers. They are designed to complement effective classroom teaching and learning programmes. 

Decisions about the use of supplementary supports are based on the needs of learners and are usually made or requested by the school.

Below are some of the intervention programmes that are available to schools to assist them in their literacy programme. For more information about how the literacy supports link to an integrated system of support go to System of support on NZC Online.  

Accelerating Literacy Learning

Accelerating Literacy Learning is a government initiative that focuses on lifting the achievement of a small group of learners who have been identified as not having the literacy knowledge, skills, and behaviours to access the New Zealand Curriculum at their relevant year level.

It is a school-led and school-driven initiative, using the literacy expertise within the school to review current literacy achievement and to identify small groups of students who need accelerated literacy learning. Schools design, teach, reflect on and closely monitor the 15-week intervention. 

Language and Learning intervention (LLi)

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The Language and Learning intervention (LLi) is a funded programme for students with severe communication difficulties aged 5–8 and their teachers. Special education speech-language therapists primarily deliver this intervention.

Learners will develop the essential language foundations to enable them to participate in learning, and teachers will be provided with the necessary professional learning and development to make changes to their own communicative behaviours in the classroom. Essential to the LLi approach is engaging teachers in reflection on their teaching and learning practice and supporting changes in teachers’ interactions. 

Reading Together

The reading together programme creates a literacy partnership between school and home. Most effective for students requiring an acceleration of reading levels and associated focus on reading to learn, the programme is about engaging students through improving educationally powerful relationships with parents and whānau.

Priority is given to all decile 1–5 schools (English medium and including students in any of years 1–8). Consideration is given to the inclusion of a limited number of decile 6+ schools, particularly where there is a significant number of priority student groups and a strong rationale for the Reading Together programme. Reading Together needs to be considered alongside other literacy support available and complements, rather than replaces, effective classroom teaching. Details of ways to access Reading together are outlined in the system of support.

Reading Recovery New Zealand

Reading Recovery New Zealand is an early intervention programme aimed at six-year-old children and designed to reduce the number of children with literacy difficulties in schools. Reading Recovery provides daily one-to-one teaching with a specially trained teacher for children making the slowest progress in literacy learning after a year at school. It is supplementary to classroom instruction. Details of ways to access Reading Recovery are outlined in the system of support

Reading Recovery has two major intended outcomes:

  • To accelerate learners’ reading and writing achievement to the average level of their peers, so that they can learn effectively in the classroom without further additional support.
  • To identify early in their schooling the small proportion of learners who need ongoing and specialist literacy support. 

Reading Recovery provides a period of intensive, daily one-to-one literacy instruction, delivered by a trained Reading Recovery teacher for a period of between 12–20 weeks.

Visit this site to access the updated Reading Recovery centres, tutors, and email addresses.

Published on: 19 Feb 2016