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Connected 2014 level 2 - How Do You Know?

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: 
Use evidence to support ideas.

At times, Connected themes require the introduction of concepts that students at this curriculum level may not be able to fully understand. What matters at this stage is that students begin to develop understandings that grow over time. 

Garden with Science

Science and gardening have a lot in common. To grow healthy plants, gardeners use scientific knowledge and skills, including observing the world around them and experimenting to find evidence to support their ideas. How can you garden with science?

Super Senses

Animals use amazing senses to navigate the world. How do dolphins find things underwater? Why do dung beetles roll their dung at night? Scientists gather and use evidence about animals’ super senses to support their ideas.

Winning the Bledisloe Cup

How did two market gardeners become Bledisloe Cup champions? They used horticulture – the science of growing plants. Joe and Fay Gock’s innovations have changed the ways vegetables are grown in New Zealand. 

Pop! Froth! Fizz!

Why did the cork pop out of the bottle? The class in this graphic story investigate acid-carbonate reactions to answer this question. They make predictions, observe what happens, and suggest a possible explanation.

Making Amazing Places

Christchurch school students came up with some exciting ideas for the BNZ Amazing Place Playground Competition. A group of year 4 students designed the winning playground by gathering survey data and research evidence about the popularity of their idea. 

The Cardboard Cathedral

During the Christchurch earthquake, the Christchurch cathedral was so badly damaged it couldn’t be used. Therefore, the people in charge of the cathedral worked with architects, engineers, and builders to build an innovative new temporary cathedral.

Updated on: 19 Dec 2014