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Connected 2014 level 4 - What’s the Evidence?

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: Use evidence to support ideas.

At times, Connected themes require the introduction of concepts that students at this curriculum level may not be able to fully understand. What matters at this stage is that students begin to develop understandings that they can grow over time. 

Beating the Wind

Zephyr was winning the cycle race, but everyone passed her at the end. Why? Scientist Lindsey Underwood uses evidence to explain to Zephyr how aerodynamics can improve the performance of racing cyclists. 

The Great Marble Challenge

A teacher challenges his class to design a ramp that will get a marble to stop at any set distance between 500 millimetres and 2 metres from the end of the ramp. What processes will the students follow to meet this challenge?

Training for Success

Top athlete Phoebe Edwards and her coach, Mike Ritchie, constantly observe and measure her performance and work on improving technique, to help her train for success. 


Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

New learning has come out of the devastation of the Christchurch earthquakes. How has the data and research from the earthquakes changed what geologists think?

Black is Back

Te Papa conservator Rangi Te Kanawa uses her knowledge of traditional dyeing practices, science, and scientific experimentation to preserve fibres in textiles that have been dyed using iron-tannate black dyes. 

Updated on: 19 Dec 2014