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Ministry of Education.

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Reporting, like assessment, happens throughout a teaching inquiry and is not just limited to presenting at teacher evenings. Students and whānau need to be kept constantly informed about progress and achievement, in language they can understand.

Reporting to parents and whānau

Resources to support conversations with parents, families, whānau and communities
Literacy and numeracy resources to help teachers in their conversations with parents, families, whānau, and communities.  

Reporting to parents - examples and templates
A selection of example reports and templates for schools to use or adapt.

Digital reporting and e-portfolios

Introducing the e-portfolio
A short presentation designed for those who are unfamiliar with e-Portfolios. It defines, illustrates, and identifies the impact of e-Portfolios on learning with a focus on the 5–18 age group.

Red Beach School vision 
In this Ministry of Education seminar, staff, students, and a parent from Red Beach School discuss the use of ePortfolios as a teaching and learning tool.

Updated on: 01 Oct 2020