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Ministry of Education.

Instructional Series

The English-medium literacy instructional series support teaching and learning through years 1–8. They include:

  • reading materials designed to support learning across the curriculum and students’ development of more complex literacy skills
  • targeted materials for students who are not yet meeting literacy expectations.

Each series is designed for a specific stage in students’ learning, providing supports and challenges to scaffold their growing understandings, and to prepare them for the next stage in their learning.

All series include student and teacher support materials, and many are accompanied by audio versions.

Looking for our latest resources?

An online catalogue has been created for Instructional Series.

You'll find Teacher support materials (TSM), audio files and digital copies of the text where available.

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More information about the literacy instructional series is available in  Issue 3 of The New Zealand Curriculum Update.

More information about reading year levels and the process of levelling texts for the instructional series is available in  Issue 13 of the New Zealand Curriculum Update.

Ordering resources

These resources are provided to all primary schools. Additional or replacement copies can be obtained from  Down the Back of the Chair.