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Literacy Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

The theory behind Ready to Read

A strong foundation in literacy during the early years at school is essential for students to achieve academic success and become lifelong learners.

The reading focus in years 1–3 is for students to “read, respond to, and think critically about” texts and become competent, confident, and enthusiastic readers and learners. Central to this is the development of a reading processing system. Each student builds a reading processing system that becomes self-extending, enabling them to operate effectively across a range of increasingly complex texts. The processing system involves using multiple sources of information (semantics, visual and grapho-phonic, syntactic) together with prior knowledge to make meaning of the text.

The Ready to Read series is underpinned by the research-based knowledge set out in The New Zealand Curriculum and in Effective Literacy Practice in Years 1 to 4. Both emphasise the need for all students to become literate and the key role of the teacher in students’ literacy learning.

Detail about what students need to know and do and when students are expected to master specific aspects of literacy can be found in:

It is important to monitor the impact that your teaching has on students’ progress and achievement in literacy learning. This is an essential part of effective pedagogy and teaching as inquiry, as explained in The New Zealand Curriculum.

The Ready to Read teacher support materials help teachers to build their understanding of the impact of their instruction on their students.

English Online: Teaching as inquiry includes more information.