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What next?

Inquiry into the accelerated progress question (Rubric 9) is likely to naturally lead each school toward a selection of the other inquiry questions/rubrics as areas to drill down into and understand better.

Some discussion questions literacy leaders might also use to guide the avenue of inquiry include:

  • What do we believe are the key "drivers‟ (or causes) of our successes and/or disappointing results on accelerated progress for students achieving below curriculum expectations in literacy? [Brainstorm with the group; look at the logic model – Figure 2 (p. 3) – for ideas.]
  • Where do we think we might have significant room for improvement and need to get a serious school-wide conversation started?
  • On which of the questions do we have disagreement within the school about how well we are doing? In which areas would it be helpful to start an inquiry process to clarify our understandings?
  • Which of the inquiry questions is an area of particular interest in our school? Which is a frequent topic of conversation?
  • Which of the questions have we never really considered – but should?
  • Which of the questions would we have some good evidence available for already?
  • Where do we think we are doing quite well and would be energised by the success stories?

Published on: 01 Apr 2016