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Are change agents!

‘Leaders and teachers believe success and failure in student learning is about what they, as teachers or leaders did and did not do… we are change agents!’ (Hattie 2012)

As the literacy leader your role is to challenge and support your teachers to believe that they need to be activators, not facilitators, and they are primarily responsible for enhancing student learning. As a change agent yourself, it is important to foster positive beliefs such as:

  • All students can be challenged
  • Limitations of social class and home resources are surmountable – ‘don’t blame the kids’
  • We need to develop high expectations for all students (relative to their starting points)
  • Not accepting deficit thinking, no labelling and no low expectations!

Changing the deepset beliefs of some teachers may be your biggest challenge as a literacy leader. You will need to be the change agent yourself to inspire and model this mindframe.

‘It is a way of thinking that makes the difference’ (Hattie, 2012)

Published on: 02 Mar 2016