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Teacher Support and PD Materials

Teacher Support Material

This teacher support material supports teachers in English-medium junior classrooms working with bilingual Pasifika students. It is designed to help teachers work in partnership with families and Pasifika communities to build students’ English language and literacy, utilising the strengths they bring from their first language.

Dual language TSM

PLD Videos for Teachers

Teachers can watch these video clips at their own convenience.

They will help new entrant teachers and syndicates think about how to use the dual language books in their classrooms.

The presenter is Dr. Rae Si’ilata, a lecturer in biliteracy at the University of Auckland. She explains the purpose of the dual language books and the principles of second language acquisition and how important it is to draw on the strengths of a student’s first or strongest language to teach English language and literacy.

The videos have been filmed and edited from a two-day workshop Rae took with a group of new entrant teachers from Auckland schools in 2016.

Summaries of the videos and discussion points are available to download:

Video 1: Introduction


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Video 2: Bilingual and biliterate


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Video 3: Dual language resources


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Video 4: Teacher support material


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Video 5: Shared reading a text, as an activity with teachers


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Video 6: Connecting schema - theory and TSM materials 


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Video 7: Sharing cultural resource 


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Video 8: Making connections between oracy and literacy by interacting with texts


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Updated on: 05 Dec 2016