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Literacy Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.


This section provides ideas about the kinds of teaching approaches that support effective literacy practice. Within a cycle of inquiry, the approaches that teachers choose to implement will be based on using all available information about students to determine what they need to learn next.

  • Literacy in Secondary School Contexts aims to assist secondary teachers to incorporate subject area literacy teaching and learning into their programmes of work. The Ministry of Education wishes to acknowledge the lead writer Chris Thornley, the development team, and the subject advisers, teachers, and students who have contributed to the development of this resource.
  • A presentation by Sean Hawthorne and Rebecca Jesson about the key principles and practices of effective writing, the links between reading and writing, using models and success criteria, and giving feedback.
  • Rebecca Jesson considers ways to make more effective use of students’ rich experiences, including experiences of text, in order to promote writing.
  • A professional learning programme designed to help all secondary school subject teachers. It introduces teachers to effective literacy strategies that cater for the literacy learning and thinking needs of their students. It focuses on literacy and literacy strategies; teaching and learning; and professional learning that is sustained over time.

Updated on: 01 Jul 2022