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The inquiry cycle - Homai Primary School

This resource is designed around the 4 phases of the inquiry cycle, capturing the voices of a group of students in action as they think and reflect upon their learning, with appropriate support and guidance from their teacher.

The school context
This resource is centred around a student-led chemistry inquiry with a specific focus on the development of metacognition through the teaching of writing. It focuses on how students reflect on their learning and determine their next steps. Melissa Sotelo is a year 6 teacher and the literacy leader at Homai Primary School. This is a decile 1 school in Manurewa, Auckland, which has a high percentage of Māori and Pasifika students. Shanna, Melissa, Samantha, Pune, Isaac, Christian, and Kiriana are fully engaged students who are learning to take more control of their learning and are becoming assessment capable.

  1. Phase 1 - Focusing Inquiry

    What do my students need to learn? The focusing inquiry establishes a baseline and a direction.

  2. Phase 2 - Teaching Inquiry

    The teacher uses evidence from research, her own practice and that of colleagues to plan teaching and learning opportunities aimed at achieving the outcomes prioritised in the focusing inquiry.

  3. Phase 4 - Learning Inquiry

     What are the implications for future teaching?

  4. Phase 3 - Teaching and Learning

    What happened as a result of the teaching?