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Literacy/English Curriculum Level 4

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R=Reading, W=Writing, L=Listening, S=Speaking, V=Viewing, P=Presenting

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Teacher resource As far as the eye can see (ZIP)

This unit is dedicated to the viewing strand. It encourages our junior students to become active viewers and critical thinkers about the advertising world.

42.42 kB

Liz Molony


Teacher resource Celebrate good times, come on! (ZIP)

This unit provides a structured approach to developing students' creative writing skills. Students will use a series of pre-writing activities to complete a piece of creative writing based on a celebration they have experienced.

70.25 kB

Rochelle Duke


Teacher resource Chinese Cinderella (ZIP)

Resources shared by two teachers to support text study: logank@mtaspiring.school.nz; NicolaBa@wgpcollege.school.nz

219.33 kB

Kris Logan Nicola Bain


Teacher resource Chronicles of Narnia (ZIP)

Various resources to support a film study

74.46 kB

Vicky Nixon


Teacher resource Conflict and War (ZIP)

This unit involves a study of war poetry from the first world war through to the Vietnam war. It also covers the study of the film Gallipoli leading to visual language viewing assessment. Students write their own poetry and short stories and eventually write a transactional essay discussing verbal and visual features of Gallipoli.

209.39 kB

Jacqui Lucas


Teacher resource Coraline (Word 2007)

Resources to support film study

397.56 kB

Gayle Spence


Teacher resource Coraline - film study (PowerPoint 2007)

Reading film language in Coraline

3.24 MB

Clare Morgan


Teacher resource Create Your Own Character (RTF)

Unit plan, lesson by lesson teaching and learning sequence and wide range of resources and models, to develop creative writing skills, culminating in the production of a character description.

Keywords: Character Description, Creative Writing

Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

568 B

Kineret Yardena


Teacher resource Documentary viewing (ZIP)

This unit is designed to help students understand the concept of a documentary as 'constructed reality'. Students view, respond to and analyse news and documentary programmes.

44.44 kB

Jenny Joynt

R, W

Teacher resource Dr Livingstone, I presume? (Word)

An integrated English/Social Studies unit. Students identify the experiences and challenges that people face as they explore and find out about new places. They are encouraged to explain why and how explorers have undertaken journeys. (Descriptions, Reports)

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)
Teacher needs (Teaching inquiry)

42.00 kB

Anne Girven

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