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Literacy/English Curriculum Level 5

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R=Reading, W=Writing, L=Listening, S=Speaking, V=Viewing, P=Presenting

Focus strands File type Resource Teaching as inquiry File size Contributor


Teacher resource 'Through the lens' film teaching resource (PDF)

These resources have material suitable for a range of levels: Year 10; Year 12, Year 13.

2.60 MB

Helaina Coote


Teacher resource Advertising (ZIP)

Resources to support advertising study.

6.98 MB

Emma, Mihingawai, Michelle Budge


Teacher resource Coming Back (ZIP)

Resources on the David Hill novel.

127.11 kB

Monique Vanstokkum


Teacher resource End of the Alphabet (ZIP)

Resources to support text study.

737.30 kB

Chris Rayward


Teacher resource Essay mnemonics (ZIP)

Various formal writing templates and guides.

56.01 kB

Margaux Hlavac


Teacher resource Heroes and villains (ZIP)

Resources to support work on this theme.

816.16 kB

Emma Donaldson


Teacher resource Interactive online tutorials for research (Word)

http://library.acadiau.ca/help/tutorials.html My personal favourite is "Credible Sources Count!" - works well in any curriculum level for research.

Keywords: All Levels, Engaging, Literacy skills, Research

26.50 kB

Derek Shafer


Teacher resource Letters From the Inside (ZIP)

Resources to support text study contributed by: Mandie Mulholland <mulhollandm@upperhutt.school.nz> and Gerda Smith <gerda.smith@ncg.school.nz>

730.74 kB

Mandie Mulholland and Gerda Smith

R, W

Teacher resource Literature essay scaffold for Year 10 (Word)

A generic literature essay writing frame that will help teach the basics of literature response essays to Year 10 students. It can be used with students working below or above Level 5 as well, simply by providing more or less input into the content in the planning process.

Keywords: writing strategies

Student needs (Focusing inquiry)

33.00 kB

Susana Carryer


Teacher resource Romeo and Juliet (ZIP)

Resources to support play study

4.27 MB

Jacqueline Smith

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