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Ready to Read Colour Wheel

Colour wheel.

The Ready to Read Colour Wheel books support guided reading for children. They can be introduced when children are reading phase 4 books from the Ready to Ready Phonics Plus books. 

The Colour Wheel books are designed to help children use a combination of language comprehension strategies and word recognition skills to make meaning and think critically.

The Ready to Read series has four components. The student texts for guided and shared reading are distributed free to all New Zealand schools with junior classes. The audio and the teacher support materials are available to download.

In year 3, the series is complemented by the Junior JournalThe Junior Journal series bridges the gap between the individual Ready to Read Colour Wheel texts and the miscellany format of the School Journal.

Other Ready to Read resources

Ready to Read shared books and Ready to Read poem cards provide opportunities for explicit instruction and joyful, lively reading experiences of stories, poetry, and non-fiction. They help children behave like a reader – actively listening and reading along once they are familiar with the text.

Ready to Read sign language e-books have been developed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa to support effective guided and shared reading instruction for NZSL users. If you wish to use these e-books with other students, independent use of the apps, by students, is likely to be more effective after a guided reading lesson.

Looking for our latest resources?

There is an online catalogue for Instructional Series.

You'll find Teacher support materials (TSM), audio files and digital copies of the text where available.