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Teacher support materials

These Teacher Support Materials (TSMs) have been developed to support teaching writing across the curriculum in years 4-8. They are centred around three main “drivers” when planning across the curriculum: students’ strengths and needs, curriculum foci, and contexts for learning. They draw on stories and themes from the School Journal and Connected across Science, Social Sciences, and English, L2-L4.

Level 2

L2_Social_Sciences_Traditions_&_Taonga_Supporting_Writing (PDF 3MB)

L2_Science_Weathering_&_Erosion_Supporting_Writing (PDF 2MB)

Level 3

L3_Science_Interdependence_Supporting_Writing (PDF 2MB)

L3_Social_Sciences_Making_a_Difference_Supporting_Writing (PDF 3MB)

Level 4

L4_Social_Sciences_Writing_History_Supporting_Writing (PDF 2MB)

L4_English_Writing_Poetry_Supporting_Writing (PDF 2MB)

Updated on: 01 Oct 2020

Interactive Planner for teaching writing

Use the Interactive planner to plan lessons for teaching writing across Science, Social Sciences and English.

School Journal reading Teacher Support Materials

Find related reading TSMs for these themes.