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Teaching writing in years 1-8

These resources have been created to provide teaching strategies, examples, and information to show you more about the effective teaching of writing. The three resources below each represent the particular learning and curriculum needs of the students in each of the year groupings. Use these resources for specific planning and teaching foci or dip into them for individual or group professional learning needs. Each of these resources also link to the cross-curricular Writing Hub Teacher Support Materials.

Teaching writing in years 1-3

Building a strong foundation

This resource provides practical suggestions and strategies for ensuring students get off to a good start in the first three years, particularly in writing, building a strong foundation, and ensuring students make expected progress in these crucial early years.

Teaching writing in years 4-6

Increasing progress

In this resource you will find practical strategies and supportive information, built around case studies in English, science, or social sciences contexts, for supporting the important cross curricula teaching focus for writing at this level. The resource also exemplifies how effective teaching in these years can support students to make more than expected progress in one year.

Teaching writing in years 7-8

Accelerating progress

This resource has been revised from an earlier addition and has a strong focus on building the independent writing knowledge and skills students need to meet the more complex demands of the curriculum at Level 4. It continues to provide practical strategies, supportive information, and cross curricula examples to explore for accelerating writing progress of students in these important years leading into secondary school. The resource has been updated to include links to other online cross curricula and literacy resources.

Updated on: 01 Oct 2020